Integrated Business and Engineering

This program allows students to combine their interests in business and engineering, opening opportunities for them after graduation to work in technology and technical companies.

Graduates with this degree could have careers in multiple areas including technical sales, new business development, technical support, brand management, production planning, purchasing, operations analysis and management, plant accounting, and project management, as well as fields that are still developing. Being able to think creatively and analytically is a skill employers look for, and this program will equip graduates with the ability to succeed in the changing workforce landscape.

Program Features

  • Coursework covers business, engineering, math, science, and general education.
  • Students are be able to earn up to two minors, one in engineering (mechanical and engineering) and one in business (business administration, analytics, entrepreneurship, supply chain and logistics management).
  • Dedicated College of Business and College of Engineering faculty educate students in the classroom and beyond.

Graduates will be able to:

  • Combine critical and integrative thinking to solve problems and generate new ideas.
  • Use extensive oral communication, writing competence and teamwork to convey messages and information.
  • Understand and implement strategies that highlight ethical decisions and social responsibility alongside functional area knowledge to create a path for excellence.
CORE 110 The Human Experience 4 Cr.
CORE 115 The Human Experience 4 Cr.
ECON 221 Principles of Microeconomics 3 Cr.
ECON 222 Principles of Macroeconomics 3 Cr.
MATH 131 Calculus I 4 Cr.
MATH 132 Calculus II 4 Cr.
       Choose one course from the following options:
KIN 100 Healthy Lifestyles 1 Cr.
KIN 101 Wellness and Stress 1 Cr.
PHYS 141 Physics I 3 Cr.
PHYS 141L Physics I Laboratory 1 Cr.
PHYS 142 Physics II 3 Cr.
CHEM 115 Chemistry I 4 Cr.
      Choose one course from the following options:
IDS 205 Business Statistics 3 Cr.
STAT 240 Statistical Analysis 3 Cr.
THEO The Christian Tradition 3 Cr.
Humanities 3 credits
      Choose one course from the following options:
Fine and Performing Arts
Philosophy (except PHIL 145 and PHIL 345)
Social Science 3 Cr.
      Choose one three-credit course from geography (designated), political science and      international relations, social work (designated), sociology, or gender studies
Cultural Diversity 3 Cr.
Cultural Diversity Course 3 Cr.
      Choose one course from the following options:
Three-credit course from a specified list of approved diversity courses
Semester abroad in one of the International Study Programs, or the Washington Semester Program


GE 100 Fundamentals of Engineering 2 Cr.
GE 109 Statics 3 Cr.
ME 125 MATLAB 1 Cr.
      Choose one course from the following options:
ME 102 Computer-Aided Design 1 Cr.
CE 151 Introduction to Computer-Aided Design 1 Cr.
    Choose one course from the following options:
ME 201 Technical Writing for Mechanical Engineers 1 Cr.
ECE 211 Technical Writing for Electrical and Computer Engineers 1 Cr.
CE 213 Technical and Professional Writing in Civil and Environmental Engineering 1 Cr.
ME 261 Analog Circuits Laboratory 0.5 Cr.
ECE 281 Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering 2.5 Cr.
Engineering/Technical Electives 15 Cr.


BUS 100 The Business Experience 3 Cr.
BUS 100L The Business Experience Laboratory 0 Cr.
BLAW 104 Legal Environment of Business 3 Cr.
IDS 115 Business Applications for Decision-Making 3 Cr.
ACC 205 Financial Accounting 3 Cr.
ACC 206 Managerial Accounting 3 Cr.
FIN 304 Financial Management 3 Cr.
MGT 304 Management and Organizational Behavior 3 Cr.
MGT 305 Business Ethics 3 Cr.
MKT 304 Marketing Management 3 Cr.
IDS 306 Global Operations and Supply Chain Management 3 Cr.
IDS 310 Introduction to Business Analytics 3 Cr.
IDS 340 Statistics for Decision Making 3 Cr.
MGT 395 Internship Experience in Business Administration I 1 Cr.
MGT 475 Business Policy and Strategy 3 Cr.
MGT 475L Business Policy and Strategy Lab 0 Cr.
Business Electives 12 Cr.