Major Programs

Education for Business — and for Life

At Valpo, we prepare students for both personal, as well as professional, success. Our undergraduate business program uses a three-pronged approach:

The Value of Evaluation

In any business, understanding the status quo is a prerequisite to making the most of opportunities and changing the game. When you’re in the business of learning, the critical variable is you — and Valpo’s College of Business offers unique insight into your own progress through its Assessment Center.

The Assessment Center

The Assessment Center is a half-day program where students demonstrate their decision-making, communication, problem-solving skills through simulated business situations. These student-assessment sessions are videotaped and sent to Collegiate Assessment Partners where the sessions are reviewed by professionals. Each student receives an eight-page report summarizing their strengths and opportunities. Each Valpo Business major participates in the process twice during her or his college career.