Mission & Values

“Valparaiso University, a community of learning dedicated to excellence and grounded in the Lutheran tradition of scholarship, freedom, and faith, prepares students to lead and serve in both church and society.
—Valparaiso University Mission Statement

Embracing the Journey

The freedom to pursue truth wherever it leads is at the heart of Valpo’s sense of community, uniting its academic and spiritual missions.

The university aims to foster in its students a lifelong commitment to this search for truth, encouraging the development of a sense of personal vocation as well as the intellectual and professional skills needed to pursue it.

An active, inclusive community and an accomplished faculty prepare Valpo graduates to choose and navigate their own paths through life.

Strengthening, Serving, and Leading Communities

Life at Valpo offers students a model of community participation, personal responsibility, and respectful concern for others.

  • The student-initiated honor system relies on each student to maintain standards of academic integrity.
  • A collaborative system of university governance assigns students considerable responsibility for residential and social life.
  • The Office of Volunteer Programs and the Community Research and Service Center exemplify a commitment to learning through service that results in Valpo students’ logging more than 247,000 hours of community outreach and service-learning each academic year.
  • Extensive Study Abroad programs and a commitment to institutional diversity deepen students’ understanding of the world’s variety of cultural and religious traditions.

Guided by a strong sense of ethics and informed by a broad understanding of the scientific, religious, and cultural heritage of human society, Valpo alumni have assumed leadership roles in their communities, churches, social institutions, the nation, and the world.